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Welcome to is the number one supplier of commercial catering and kitchen supplies. We have a collection of best kitchen tools, from pots, pans, cutlery, and crockery to storage containers and kitchen cleaning supplies. Our products have the lowest prices in the market, yet the best quality loved by professional chefs. Browser over 18, 000 kitchen products on our user-friendly website, is a one-stop shop for all your catering needs. Additionally, you can still stay loyal to your brand when shopping with us because we feature products from leading brands in commercial catering, including Churchill, Olympia, Victorinox, Vogue, and Tsuki among many more.

Catering Kitchenware & Chef Knives

Our website has an easy layout with products categories top of the site, making it easy to navigate through. The Catering Kitchenware & Chef Knives feature top-rated products that will make your chef enjoy cooking. Catering products in this category include chef knives, cookware, cool boxes, food storage, gastronome containers, ingredients bins, pastry, and baking, as well as pizza pans and equipment. We back our Catering Kitchenware & Chef Knives with a warranty and guarantee quality. We want to assure you we only carry the best.

Chef Knives

Our chef knives are one of the world's best knives loved by many chefs. The knives are designed to feel comfortable in the hand of the chefs as well as handle any kind of cutting and chopping in the kitchen. The chef knives have varying blades so that you can shop according to the preferences of your cooks. A knife sterilizing cabinet will ensure your knives are free from any form of contaminations. Also in our online store, you can find knife wallets and cases your chefs will love. The cases can hold several knives comfortably so that your cooks don't have to make a trip to the kitchen cabinet for, let's say tomato knife or oyster knife. The chef knives are from best brands such as Dick Pro and Hygiplas.

If you are shopping for kitchen appliances for your prestigious restaurant, look no more than There are plentiful of products that will make your restaurant kitchen look more professional. We have bar supplies and tableware equipment that will create a lasting impression on the visitors who come to your dining and bar area. Our extensive range of top-notch bar supplies and tableware will surely decorate your lounge.

In the service industry, customer comfort is very essential and it is what will determine if they stick with you or not. With the growing influence of mobile marketing, a single bad review is enough to taint the brand that has taken years to build, so ensure your bar and dining area leaves a lasting mark on your guests. At we have stock the widest ranges of integral bar supplies and tableware for you to choose from. The wide selection of products will satisfy your needs, be it for a custom space, or tasteful but still functional space. Furthermore, we also have the best cleaning solutions for your dining and bar table clearance protocol, from high-quality table linen and service trays to clearing trolleys, all can easily be found in our online database.

We also have point of sale equipment like cash registers, cash registers and till rolls, money counters, safes as well as other security equipment for accurate and easy sales management. This equipment is a must have for any kind of foodservice business.

Bar Supplies & Tableware

Your busy wine and dine need better accessories and extras for it to handle any number of guests. Our enhanced catalog of Bar Supplies & Tableware will benefit you significantly with our professional bar supplies such as bar board and cover, bar ice scoop, pourers and storers, bar mats, bottle sealers, cocktail accessories, bottle stands, and brackets, cocktail muddlers, cocktail shakers, drip trays among many others.Bar Supplies & Tableware are all found in our menu.

Cutlery Crockery Glassware

If you want to offer other drinks like tea and coffee beside cold drinks, our beverage service collection is readily available for you to select whatever cutlery crockery glassware you want. These products are perfect for serving quality hot drinks to whichever size of guest you have. The products range from coffee glasses, branded glasses, beer glasses, plastic glasses, to arc crockery, Athena hotel ware, Churchill crockery, and crockery storage. Our Cutlery Crockery Glassware come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes too.

We search and present to your selection of highly affordable equipment to ensure that you don't compromise, that is why at we offer extraordinary value on all range of products.

It is worth mentioning that catering-grade crockery is miles apart from home versions when it comes to quality and durability. They are ingeniously designed to last longer than normal kitchen ones. So don't buy home-grade crockery to use in your restaurant just because they are very cheap. Come to for high quality, durable, and very affordable crockery that will give your professional kitchen an entirely new look.

As we already mentioned earlier, the presentation is crucial in any kind of service industry. For this reason, we have equipment for quality food presentation that will ensure your finely prepared delicacies speak for itself. All you have to do is concentrate on preparing the best meals to entice your customers.Cutlery Crockery Glassware is the beginning of a customers experience so start them off with quality Cutlery Crockery Glassware.

With our exemplary range of quality food display and presentation selections, our goal is to ensure you are satisfied when it comes to matters concerning kitchen professionalism.

Our menus and boards will not only entice but also promote and inform your guest what your kitchen has to offer.

We provide everything from blackboards and stencils, bill presenters, check pads and menu displays to table menus and holders.

With our menus and boards products, your customers will never go uninformed.

Catering Cleaning supplies

In busy kitchens, it is important to clear and clean up quickly before the next set of customers or guests arrive. We carry Catering Cleaning supplies. We have a collection of trolleys as well as clearing options that will make this process just a breeze. The products include dumbwaiters, stacking trolleys, charged plate storage, and bottle trolleys. These Catering Cleaning supplies will save your business time as well as making your staff happy.

Finally, keep your kitchen clean and tidy by using our range of cleaning and hygiene products. Our catalog includes astray and cigarette bins, cleaning chemicals, bin bags, greasePak, laundry equipment, washroom products, and janitorial equipment.

Catering deals

Our online store also has some best lighting options the will let you dictate the mood of your dining space. Our range of lighting includes 4 pin CFL bulbs, candle lamps, extension leads, flood lamps, GLS lamps, bulbs, low energy sticks, infrared and MR16. Keep checking back every so often for more Catering deals